My first Make-up video on YouTube

Hi everyone!
I wanted to start doing make-up on YouTube for a long time now, and I finally did it today. I am beyond excited and kinda scared of people`s reactions, but it`s a new year and I made a long list of new year resolutions and now I`m trying to accomplish each and one of them.
Wish me luck!
Special thanks to my sister for always supporting me and to my boyfriend for helping me with the video and for being there for me for everything.
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Enjoy it!


The best people in my life :




Some of my work on Halloween

Dupa cum ati observat , am o pasiune pentru make-up . Orice fel de make-up .
Inainte de Halloween am realizat cateva machiaje , care au impresionat lumea .Este pentru prima data in viata mea cand fac machiaje de genul si sunt chiar multumita de rezultatele finale . Mai jos sunt cateva poze cu persoanele pe care le-am machiat.

                   Madalina Simona Merca – inspiratie : Lady Gaga AHS Hotel TV Show
A fost o placere sa lucrez cu Madalina si vreau sa ii multumesc ca m-a ales pe mine sa ii realizez machiajul de Halloween.
A fost o provocare pentru mine . O provocare si pentru Madalina , dar rezultatul final este uimitor !
She inspires me every day !
Follow her blog ! She`s amazing !

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Half Skull Halloween Make-up Look

I recived a lot of questions about my halloween make-up looks , about the products that I used to create the look and I decided to blog about it ! 🙂

12108123_996656580398398_7547985887123977943_n 12105986_996795220384534_4982848805304190817_n

     For this look I used Makeup Fx Cream Face & Body Paint in black and white .

24401_P 24400

It took me about 30 minutes to create this look .

I used an old set of brushes , because I don`t wanna ruin the new ones .
You can use any kind of brush , it doesn`t have to be professional , if you know how to paint your face any kind of brush it’s okay .

You will need :
– a really thin pencil brush to create the lines and the teeth
–  blending brush to create the shadows
– face brush to set the white cream
– eyeliner brush to create your nose
-a sponge to apply the white paint

To set the white cream I used All About Matt Pressed Powder by Essence in white :

And to set the black cream paint and create shadows I used a matt black eyeshadow . Any black eyeshadow will do the job , don`t use your expensive make-up to create a look you know you will wash it off a few minutes later.

Down below is the make-up tutorial I watched while doing my make-up .

See you on my next blog post !
Kisses !

Make-up , my passion !

I started using make-up when I was 14 years old , but the only things that I was using were mascara and powder . At that age , i didn`t actually knew the purpose of make-up . I was just trying to look cute and nice all the time . As the time passed by , I reached the age of 17 and you know that almost everybody is having a 18 birthday party  , so that was the time when I first started using foundation and eyeshadow , contouring and highlight and all the things that belong to make-up . 

  I was practicing on myself all the time . I was watching youtube videos , to learn tricks and tips  on how to achieve the perfect make-up look . I never took a class , and I`m not sure if I ever will , but if the opportunity presents itself , I for sure not gonna pass by  it .  


 Let me tell you a little bit about the products  that I use . 

1. First thing before using foundation , I use a moustruasing cream from La Roche-Posay . I have been using this cream for almost one year now ,  it makes my skin smoother and ready for foundation.  Also I have sensitive skin and this is the only cream that calms my skin when it`s irritated . 


2. Foundation . 

    My go to foundation is L`Oreal Paris True Match . This is and has been my favorite foundation ever . I have been using it for almost three years now and it never disappointed me . I use this almost every day . There are times when I feel like I need to change the foundation a little bit , and my skin needs to take a break from that foundation , so when that happens , I use L`oreal Paris Nude Magique Eau De Teint  , it has less coverage than True Match , witch is perfect if I want to create a No Make-up Make-up Look . 

     This summer I decided to try on two BB-creams and I ended up loving them . One is from Rimmel London BB Cream Matte  and one from  Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream . 

    In all these three years ,  I have been using  one concealer and that is the Bourjois Paris Correcting Concealer . I tried different concealers , but this one I liked the most so I sticked with it


  3 . Powder and Contouring Powder 

       Now here , depends on where I`m going and how much coverage do I need .   
   My go to face powders are Stay Matte Pressed Powder by Rimmel London and Essence All About Matte Compact Powder , for an every day look . 
   For a night out  or an event I love using Pressed Powder by Elf  , it gives me more coverage . 
   For contouring I`m using Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder by Elf , btw. I hate using blush . 


  4.  Brows 

     My brows are my life .  It`s the part that I love the most about make-up . 
  My brows are naturally thick , I plug and cut them myself . I once did the mistake to go to a salon , and I remember asking that women not to ruin my shape , and she made my brows so thin I cried so so much that day , and since then I never went to a salon again . I love my brows way to much to let anybody touch them . 

 What I use : 
   Eyebrow Marker Pen in the shade 01 by Kallos Cosmetics 
  Ever since I found this product , I haven`t been using anything else to fill in my brows. This product has become my holy grail product . It makes my brows look so so so natural and soft , it`s amazing . And I use Eyebrow Treat and Tame by Elf  to keep them in place . 



   5 . Eyes 
  * Eyeliner  –    Dynamic Menow-pro liquid eyeliner . This has become my holy grail eyeliner ever,  I use this everyday , my eyeliner is always on point . This product has never disappointed me . I takes me about 5 minutes to do both my eyes and it lasts all day , actually till the next morning if you don`t take it off . I love it ! 



   * Mascara – Avon Super Shock 
 I have been using this mascara for many years now , it`s my favorite . 


* eyeshadow – everything that comes in handy 

6. Lipstick
some of my favorites 


  7.  Brushes & Spnges
* Elf
– Blending Eye Brush 

-Lip Defining Brush
– Studio Blending Brush 
– Powder Brush 
* EcoTools  
*Oriflame Blanding Brush 


    The last thing is make-up remover .
   First I use Make-up remover wipes to take off most of my make-up . Next I use Nivea 3 in 1 micellar cleansing water around my eyes .  Than I wash my face with Bioderma Purifying cleansing foaming gel  , and the last thing I do is use La Roche-Posay solution micellaire physiologique on a cotton pad to make sure all of my make-up is gone . 
     Than apply moisturising cream and I`m ready for bed . 


I hope y`all enjoy it and See you on my next blog post .

Lots of kisses !!!