Am I the only one that hates summer ?
It`s way too hot. I just can`t deal with the heat anymore. 

I barely get out of the house before 9 pm. It` s like hell outside :)) 



I` ve been really into girly clothes recently. 
I am usually the type of person that throws on her a large t-shirt with a pair of jeans and some boots / sneakers. But lately, I don` t know why but I felt the need to be more feminine and elegant. I am usually wearing cute clothes and dresses at parties. But this month I
Bought a lot of girly clothes and shoes .. my mom is really shocked. She always told me to dress cute and feminine,but I never did. Till now. 


I’ve been wearing less and less makeup this summer. It’ s so freaking hard to wear foundation and concealer and powder in summer, it literally feels like your makeup is melting . 
I’ve been using this amazing cream underneath my foundation, the Gerovital Happiness Mattifying Moisturizing Cream with bluebarry extract. And I have to say this : This cream does the job !!!  It keeps my face matt all day and it give you a glow at the same time. 


wearing : Romwe top
and shorts :



Good vibes only

I am so glad that it`s summer and I get to be out all the time.
Ive been doing a lot of changes in my life, one of them is my hair. I`m blond now, which is quite unusual for me,because I never thought Id actually like it... I must say, my parents hate it so much... but well, what can I do. Of course, Ill be back at my natural color when summer its over. But till then I`ll keep experimenting.
I had so much fun the day I had this shooting. I was surrounded by amazing friends, and I got to spend all they relaxing and getting tanned and swimming, it was perfect ( of course.. I got burned by the sun... which was painful, but now I`m tanned, so it was worth it ).
I am wearing the top of the this bikini set  which I love so so much, and I am so sure that Ill be wearing this top on the streets as well, not just at the pool, because its freaking cute.. and I don`t really care what people think :))

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Stay tunned , more articles coming up soon .
Lots of kisses !



Summer Days

Hit play and enjoy it !
Finally , it`s summer !!
It`s time to wear less and go out more !
I already started enjoying the beautiful warm days .I Got 4 more exams left and than I`ll be at the pool all day long !
I have so many plans for this summer , I hope I can accomplish them .
I am ready for new challenges , new adventures, sleepless nights and good vibes !
This summer , it`s just me and my blog .


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wearing Navy backless Romwe swimwear
Thank you Diana Draghi for my pictures ! Love them all !!!
Best sister in the world!

How to properly dress for a job interview

Ive been wanting to write this article for two months now. I know a lot of students want to get a job and be individual and not depend on their parents anymore .
I recently went to a job interview and I saw that people usually go dressed like they`re going out .
At a job interview you need to make an impression . First impression lasts !!! Never forget that .



  So , choose a color that suits you best .  If you prefer to wear a dress , just make sure its below your knees . You dont wanna go to an interview looking like you`re going to the club.
Choose a pair of heels that are not to high and make sure you can fucking walk in  them !
You want to look presentable . So be careful what you wear .
As far as the make-up goes , try not to over-do it . Like .. you don`t want to go to a job interview like you are going to a wedding . Try and be as natural as possible .

The missing piece

I own a lot of jackets, black / denim / khaki and grey but I never dared to try something different .
Thanks to my collaboration with , now I own my first brown jacket . And I must say , I am completely in love with it .
I wore this jacket so much since I got it . It goes with everything I own .
I am so impressed. It`s perfect for this weather . This weather that its constantly changing .
If you are ordering this jacket , it`s not true to size so buy a smaller size that you usually wear :*

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

This jacket is available on 


Lots of Kisses !

City lights

 I am so happy at this very moment. And I am being serious. I got everything I need and the right persons beside me, and I  am more than grateful for everything. I wish nothing more.  Another amazing opportunity presented itself to me, and that is the collaboration I`m working at with my favorite online shop ever: … I`ve heard only amazing things about their site and their clothes are amazing. If you want to be girly but still a badass woman, I swear to you, that`s exactly the place you are going to find those type of clothes, and that`s just an example .This site… got you girl, in every way possible.
I am beyond thankful that SheInside wants me, just a simple girl – following her passion, to work with them. I can`t even express into words how I feel.
Thank you so much !
Everything is going amazing in my life right now and there`s nothing that can stop me from doing what I love.  – And that is blogging .
This is also a collaboration with this amazing photographer Ilea Sergiu, thank you for the amazing pictures and thank you for working with me. You`re the best !!!
In this post, I wore this warm army jacket from Shein and a black top and black jeans and black boots… Everything is black , except from this army jacket. I am not the type of person that wears warm clothes even if it`s the coldest day. I can`t wear them. I feel way to dressed. But this jacket, omg… it`s the EXCEPTION. This jacket keeps me so warm I can`t believe. And I don`t feel like I`m wearing thousands of clothes :)) If you are like me, you know what I mean ..
Hit play at the song /  I am literally driving my sister crazy with this song… It`s on repeat and I expect her to kick me out of the house soon If I listen to it one more time :))
Enjoy it !



Army Jacket :

Photographer : Ilea Sergiu :


New article coming up soon . Kisses !!!


I love love love love working in collaboration with people, and shops and everything . The reason why I love working like this, it`s because this way I get to learn different things from different people. I get to help others and vice-versa.
This is a collaboration with this amazing photographer Ilea Sergiu ( you`ll find the link to his page down below ). When I first told him about this collaboration, he did not even thought about it twice. The answer was yes. I was so excited, and I knew that this shooting is going to be amazing because I`ve seen his work and totally loved it !!!

In this photo shooting I decided to wear my everyday kinda style. I am obsessed with alternative style. It`s a combination between grunge and rock. The perfect combination I might say. I`ve waited so long for this weather, no more winter clothes !!!
Hit play and enjoy !









































If you are interested in any kind of collaboration, do not hesitate to contact me on my facebook page or on my e-mail : .


Photographer : Ilea Sergiu :

See you soon .


Romwe Dress

Hi everyone. I’m finally posting on my blog . I’m really excited about the coming up articles . I got a gift from one of the most amazing online shops , which is ROMWE . I am now working in collaboration with them , and I am beyond grateful for this amazing opportunity . I can`t even express into words how  happy I am that people around the world enjoy my blog and the way that I am . Because of you , I am on my way of achieving my goals . Thank you ROMWE for the opportunity to work with you , and special thanks to all my readers around the world .
Check out this gorgeous black dress .
Hit play


Romwe dress :
Fotograf : Rusu Alex :

Local : Brilliant Belvedere:



All Black

Hi everyone … It`s been a while since I posted on my blog. And it`s not because I was busy or something, it`s just that posting and taking care of my blog was not a priority in my life. I had exams like any other student ,but most importantly, I was enjoying my life. I realized recently that it`s important to do the things that you like and what makes you happy, but I also realized that living your life is more important . I am 20 years old, and I don`t want to do anything that makes me unhappy or causes me stress or break downs. I think there is more about life than just doing things that won`t bring you any satisfaction in the end.

I found this paragraph on the internet the other day and I think it`s a strong message for all of us. ” Find your balance in your life. Work hard but don`t let work take over your life. You will lose yourself. Love, but love for the right reasons. Life is way too short for anything mediocre. Know who you are and know that you are worth it of reaching your dreams and that it is never too late to start creating that life you have always dreamed of. Do not compare yourself to others, that`s just deadly. No two souls are the same. You are your own person, you are beautiful and you are unique. Put your trust in the universe. Some things are just meant to happen, and some are not. Let go to whatever is stealing your happiness, it`s hard but it`s worth it. Embrace change. Embrace life. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes you just need to breathe, trust and let go. „- by Charlotte Freeman .

Hmmm.. enough about what I`ve been doing with my life recently, follow me on instagram for that @crinaddraghi :))  and take that paragraph in consideration.

Now about the photo shooting. I love wearing all black outfits, and I realized I never posted one on my blog. And I`m a little bit disappointed because I love black and I own more black clothes than any other color. I decided to go for an elegant all black look, high boots, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and my favorite item that I`ve been waiting to wear but this weather didn`t let me, is this gorgeous overcoat. Of course I had accessorized my outfit with silver rings and bracelets and a black bag. For my make-up, I`ve been obsessed with red eyeshadow lately and for this all black outfit I wanted to have a badass kinda look, and I went for a strong contouring and a flawless look with nude lips.






















Thank you Carla Nicoara for the amazing pictures !!! I really love your work, you did a great job !!! Link down below .

Hair cut and hair color by VictorWeb Hairstyle at Headline Salon, thank you, I am in love with my hair !!! Link down below .

Recomand cu incredere !!!! :*

See you at the end of the weekend !!!!  Got another article prepared for you !!!