1 year of blogging

    Sincer, sunt surprinsa ca am ajuns sa implinesc un an de blogging. Ma asteptam sa renunt la un moment dat, ba chiar postasem mai putin in anumite luni. Recunosc, nu am fost asa de activa pe blog cum mi-am propus la inceput, dar voi schimba acest lucru, nu din obligatie sau din cauza colaborarilor, ci din simplul fapt ca este ceea ce imi doresc sa fac pe langa facultatea de drept. 

EN:  Honestly, I am surprise that I got to celebrate one year of blogging. I was expecting to fold at a time, even posting less in certain months. I admit, I was not so active on the blog as I wanted at first, but I will change this, not because of obligation or because of the collaborations, but because this is what I want to do beside law school. 


           In ultima perioada, mi-am cam schimbat stilul de  a poza si am inceput sa alternez stilurile, sa port si rochii si bocanci si camasi si pantaloni eleganti si pantofi si botine. Deoarece am realizat ca nu pot sa merg imbracata like a homeless ( cum ma imbrac eu de obicei ) in orice loc. Trebuie sa ma imbrac corespunzator fiecarui eveniment ce se petrece in viata mea.


EN : Lately, I have changed the style of posing and also I began to alternate styles, I wear dresses and boots and shirts and stylish pants and high heels .  Because I realized That I cannot go dressed like a homeless ( as I am usually dressing ) everywhere. I need to dress properly for each event that occurs in my life. 

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                     In sfarsit am avut curajul sa scap de parul blond. Pentru mine, sa fiu blonda a fost o adevarata provocare. Frate, deci nu m-am gandit cat de greu o sa fie de intretinut si cat de urat o sa arate radacinile cand cresc ( parul meu fiind natural saten inchis ). Am rezistat 5 luni si am spus ca trebuie sa fac o schimbare.  Chiar daca, recunosc mi-a placut chiar foarte mult.  In acele 5 luni , m-am simtit ca o persoana diferita, si probabil de aceea mi-a placut asa de mult sa fiu blonda. Era ceva nou pentru mine.
                   Cand am decis ce nuanta sa imi fac parul, stateam in pat, ascultam muzica si  i-am spus surorii mele: ” Stii ceva, ma fac bruneta. Cum o sa arate o sa arate. Daca nu imi place, nu mai ies din casa pana iese, sau in cel mai rau caz, o sa merg mereu cu parul prins.”
        Ziua urmatoare am mers la prima ora, mi-am cumparat vopsea, am venit acasa si am rugat-o pe sora mea sa ma ajute, deoarece eu nu aveam curajul sa incep. Mi-a fost frica de cum o sa iasa si cum o sa imi stea cu aceasta nuanta inchisa. Ultima data cand am avut parul asa de inchis la culoare a fost in clasa a 11-a . A cam trecut ceva timp de atunci .

Acum sunt bruneta de o luna  si va spun sincer, nu imi mai doresc sa mai am alte nuante la par, momentan ( cine stie ce o sa vreau sa experimetez vara viitoare ) .  Prima mea reactie, cand am iesit din dus si mi-am vazut parul a fost ” Shit. e prea inchis. Nici nu mai vreau sa ma uit in oglinda ca poate nu imi sta bine” . Asa ca mi-am uscat rapid parul langa baie sa nu ma pot uita la cum arata si am mers in bucatarie, unde era mama, bunica si sora mea.  Cand m-au vazut au ramas socate. Dupa cum va spuneam mai sus, ultima data cand m-au vazut asa era acum 3 ani . De atunci am fost tot saten deschis si apoi blond.
Nu ma mai intorc la blond ! Ever .  


EN : Finally I had the courage to get rid of my blond hair. For me, to have blond hair, was truly a challenge . Man, I never thought how hard it was to maintain and how ugly my grown roots will look ( my natural hair being dark brown) .  I resisted 5 months and I said that I must make a change. Even though, I admit that I liked it so much.  In this 5 months I felt like a different person. And that`s probably the reason I loved it so much. It was something new for me. 
        When I decided what colour to do my hair, I was sitting in my bed, listening to music and I said to my sister : ‘ You know what? I am gonna be a brunette. How it will look, it will look , if I won’t like it, I won’t get out of the house or the worst scenario I will wear my hair in a ponytail for the rest of my life :)) „
          The next day at the first hour I went out and bought the hair dye, and asked my sister to help me, because I did not had the courage to do it by myself . I was afraid of how it was going to look and how it will look on myself. The last time I had my hair so dark it was in my 11th grade.  
           Now, I am a brunette for a month and I sincerely tell you that I dont want to change it for a very long time, for the moment ( who knows what colour I want to experiment next summer).  My first reaction when I got out of the shower and I saw it , was " shit. its way to dark , I don`t even want to look into the mirror” . So I dried my hair fast out of the bathroom so I can not see myself, and went into the kitchen, where was my mom, my grandmother and my sister. when they saw me, they were shocked . As I told you earlier, last time they saw me looking like this was 3 years ago.  Since than my hair was light brown and than blond. 
 I am never going back to blond , that`s for sure .


                          Weekend-ul acesta a fost un weekend destul de reusit . Am avut in sfarsit ocazia sa imi cunosc prietena la distanta ( din Oradea ) . Ne stim de un an de zile si am tot vorbit online si ne sunam si povesteam ore intregi la telefon. Mi-a fost alaturi in mii de momente si ieri am avut ocazia sa cunosc aceasta fata minunata si, cea mai buna parte, sta la mine pana maine la amiaza. Deci nu am stat doar o zi cu ea, ci chiar am reusit sa stam tot weekend-ul impreuna.  Azi am fost la poze, deoarece , prima data cand am vorbit am spus ca primul lucru pe care il vom face cand ne vom intalni, va fi sa ne facem un shooting foto impreuna. Si uite, azi am facut primul nostru shooting impreuna. Si ii multumesc ca a fost langa mine in aceasta zi, sa zicem „speciala ” . 


 EN :   This weekend was a pretty awesome one. I finally had the chance to meet my friend from afar ( Oradea ). We have known each other for a year and we spoke so much online and we called each other and had late night conversations on the phone. She was by my side in so many moments and yesterday I finally had the opportunity to meet this amazing girl. And the best part is that she is actually staying at my place with me till tomorrow. So I did no just spent one day with her, but we got to stay together the whole weekend. Today we went to do a photo shooting, because this is the first thing that we said in our first conversation that we will do when we get to meet. So here it is, some of our first shooting together. And I thank her for being by my side in this so called ” special day „. 


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       Se spune ca finalul este cel mai important, asa ca la final, as vrea sa ii multumesc in special surorii mele pentru ca a fost mereu langa mine, la fiecare pas facut cu blogul si m-a ajutat cu pozele . Si ii multumesc ca are rabdare cu mine cand imi face pozele si nu se enerveaza pe mine cand ii spun sa mai faca ca nu imi place nici una . :))
De asemenea ii multumesc si Andrei care este cea mai buna prietena a mea, ca a venit la Cluj sa putem petrece cateva ore impreuna in aceasta zi, facand cumparaturi .
     Diana , sincer esti cea mai tare sora pe care o poate avea cineva, si sunt maxim de fericita ca esti sora mea !

En : It is said that the end is the most important part, so at the end I would like to specially thank my sister for always being next to me, at every step on the way . I thank her for being patient with me at shootings and for not getting angry when I hate all the pictures and we need to do more.
Also I would like to thank my best friend Andra, for joining us here in Cluj, so we can spend some time together at shopping !  

Btw. Va amintiti ca v-am spus la inceputul verii ca lucrez la un proiect nou. Ei bine, este aproape gata si pot sa va spun. Am decis, cu sora mea sa deschidem un blog impreuna. Se va numi Twins On Fleek. Nu va pot raspunde la intrebarea cum am venit cu acest nume. MI-a venit in minte pur si simplu si e asa de catchy incat nu mi l-am putut scoate din minte si indiferent ce alt nume incercam, nu se compara cu acesta. Si asa am ramas cu acest nume.
Am facut si o pagina de facebook, pe care o sa ne puteti urmari si un cont pe instagram, unde vom posta numai poze cu noi doua.
Nu voi renunta la blogul meu, deoarece am colaborari si am lucrat foarte mult sa am ceva ce e al meu si pur si simplu nu pot sa renunt la el. Voi  da tot ce am mai bun sa lucrez la amandoua si nu voi neglija nici unul . 


EN: Btw. Do you remember that I told you at the beginning of the summer that I am working at a new project. Well , it is almost done so I can tell you. Me and my sister have decided to start a new blog together.  The name is Twins On Fleek . I cannot answer how I came up with this name. It just came into my mind and it was so catchy that none of the other names I came up with could get this one out of my mind so we sticked with this one. 
 I made a Facebook page where you can follow us and an Instagram account , where we will only post pictures with us. 
     I won ‘ t be giving up on my personal blog, not because I have collabs going on, but because I worked so hard on having something on my own that i just can ‘t give up. 
    I will do my best to work on both and I will try not to neglect non of them . 

 Till next time, Lots of kisses . 



Am I the only one that hates summer ?
It`s way too hot. I just can`t deal with the heat anymore. 

I barely get out of the house before 9 pm. It` s like hell outside :)) 



I` ve been really into girly clothes recently. 
I am usually the type of person that throws on her a large t-shirt with a pair of jeans and some boots / sneakers. But lately, I don` t know why but I felt the need to be more feminine and elegant. I am usually wearing cute clothes and dresses at parties. But this month I
Bought a lot of girly clothes and shoes .. my mom is really shocked. She always told me to dress cute and feminine,but I never did. Till now. 


I’ve been wearing less and less makeup this summer. It’ s so freaking hard to wear foundation and concealer and powder in summer, it literally feels like your makeup is melting . 
I’ve been using this amazing cream underneath my foundation, the Gerovital Happiness Mattifying Moisturizing Cream with bluebarry extract. And I have to say this : This cream does the job !!!  It keeps my face matt all day and it give you a glow at the same time. 


wearing : Romwe top
and shorts :


Travel with me

               Sleepless night, one more added to my routine I may call it now. It`s 3 am and usually this is the hour when my brain is ready to write for you .
We recently went on a little trip with our family and ever since my grandpa pasted away, my grandmother lived with us.  We decided to make her a surprise and we took her with us. She never visited the country, she settled down at a young age so she didn`t had the chances we have now when we are young. So we kept it a secret for a couple of weeks, and told her to prepare herself a few days earlier before the leaving.
She was speechless.
So the day arrived and we got in the car and hit the road.
Of course, because we make this trip in the mountains with our parents 4 or 5 times a year, we already visited the beautiful places on the road a couple of times.
It was nothing new for us, but everything so new and beautiful for her.



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We made more stops than ever. She finally felt alive… She wanted to see everything, and go everywhere. She was amazed by all the beautiful towns we drove by. 
Do you ever get to think about how our grandparents get old and they never had the chance to see the world ? This amazing earth we live on ? I`m always thinking about this…
I promised myself a couple of years back, that I will put  foot on all the 7 continents with my family. I wanna visit every country and every town and I want to do this with my parents. I want them to see everything I see and have them by my side when I get to experience the most amazing things in my life. What`s the point seeing the world on your own.. you can do that later one more time with your lover and your friends. But When you are still young and your parents are still young…that`s probably the most beautiful thing in the whole world…. To be with your family in the most amazing places around the world . Of course they won`t let you do what you want, but who the fuck cares as long as they are right next to you.
You can`t  imagine how fulfilled my father felt that he could take his mother with him on this trip. You could actually see the happiness on his face for the first time since his father died.


As we are driving and had to stop for my grandmother, I took a lot of pictures. And I am going to print every one of them with my grandma and my family all together and make an album just with this memory. 

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We checked in at Hotel Cota 1400 in Sinaia and when we arrived, my grandma stated crying… She was speechless. The view was breathtaking, she just couldn`t say a word.. While crying she hugged us and this were the only words that came out of her mouth ” I cannot believe you brought me, this is the most beautiful place I have ever been on.”
She was so emotional, so happy for the first time in 9 months.
As she was watching around, I think this was a moment she wished could last forever.

Family is everything.

I know I have been on this trip so many times, but every time it feels different. And this time… was the most memorable of all.  

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On our way back, we made a stop in Sighisoara for a  few hours.


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See you soon !

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Wanna escape

   School is officially over for me too. Today I had my last exam… and now I can finally get rid of the stress that I`ve accumulated over the past month.
It was a really difficult period of time for me .
Do you ever get that feeling that you want to escape, just go somewhere, I don`t know, like at a cabin in the middle of the wood and stay there a couple of weeks, to forget about everything and everyone ?  I kinda lost myself this last couple of months, a lot of things happen and I just don`t really know what I want anymore, or what I want to do. I feel a little bit lost . And I feel the need to get out of the town, somewhere where there`s no internet, no signal, nothing. I need to find myself again. There`s just too much going on in my life right now and I need a break. I really need a break from life :))
I`ll probably go at my grandparents house where they grew up, which is the middle of nowhere -- no signal, no internet, no tv, exactly what I need. But thats gonna happen after i come back from this little trip I`m doing with my family in a few days but I'm gonna tell you later about this. I`m going back in my hometown after, I feel like I havent been home for ages. And I kinda dont wanna go back but I have to ...  I`m falling in love every day with this city, makes me never want to return home.
A good thing happen though, bought my own camera, and I am no longer working with photographers. I`m doing my own pictures, editing them the way I love. No more waiting for the pictures and waiting for photographers to have time for me. So that`s a good thing. I`ll post more from now on.
And I got a project going on, with my sister. But thats another story for another article, it`s something were working on, and you`ll see in a couple of weeks. That`s something I am really excited about.

That`s kinda everything I wanted to tell you guys for now.
Btw. I am really bored right now, do you guys have some suggestions of some really great movies or tv shows? Let me know.









Good vibes only

I am so glad that it`s summer and I get to be out all the time.
Ive been doing a lot of changes in my life, one of them is my hair. I`m blond now, which is quite unusual for me,because I never thought Id actually like it... I must say, my parents hate it so much... but well, what can I do. Of course, Ill be back at my natural color when summer its over. But till then I`ll keep experimenting.
I had so much fun the day I had this shooting. I was surrounded by amazing friends, and I got to spend all they relaxing and getting tanned and swimming, it was perfect ( of course.. I got burned by the sun... which was painful, but now I`m tanned, so it was worth it ).
I am wearing the top of the this bikini set  which I love so so much, and I am so sure that Ill be wearing this top on the streets as well, not just at the pool, because its freaking cute.. and I don`t really care what people think :))

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Stay tunned , more articles coming up soon .
Lots of kisses !



Summer Days

Hit play and enjoy it !
Finally , it`s summer !!
It`s time to wear less and go out more !
I already started enjoying the beautiful warm days .I Got 4 more exams left and than I`ll be at the pool all day long !
I have so many plans for this summer , I hope I can accomplish them .
I am ready for new challenges , new adventures, sleepless nights and good vibes !
This summer , it`s just me and my blog .


DSC00245DSC00249DSC00227 1DSC00226 1DSC00254DSC00255DSC00257


wearing Navy backless Romwe swimwear
Thank you Diana Draghi for my pictures ! Love them all !!!
Best sister in the world!

How to properly dress for a job interview

Ive been wanting to write this article for two months now. I know a lot of students want to get a job and be individual and not depend on their parents anymore .
I recently went to a job interview and I saw that people usually go dressed like they`re going out .
At a job interview you need to make an impression . First impression lasts !!! Never forget that .



  So , choose a color that suits you best .  If you prefer to wear a dress , just make sure its below your knees . You dont wanna go to an interview looking like you`re going to the club.
Choose a pair of heels that are not to high and make sure you can fucking walk in  them !
You want to look presentable . So be careful what you wear .
As far as the make-up goes , try not to over-do it . Like .. you don`t want to go to a job interview like you are going to a wedding . Try and be as natural as possible .

The missing piece

I own a lot of jackets, black / denim / khaki and grey but I never dared to try something different .
Thanks to my collaboration with Shein.com , now I own my first brown jacket . And I must say , I am completely in love with it .
I wore this jacket so much since I got it . It goes with everything I own .
I am so impressed. It`s perfect for this weather . This weather that its constantly changing .
If you are ordering this jacket , it`s not true to size so buy a smaller size that you usually wear :*

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

This jacket is available on https://www.shein.com/Brown-Long-Sleeve-Lapel-Jacket-photo-160862.html 


Lots of Kisses !