Am I the only one that hates summer ?
It`s way too hot. I just can`t deal with the heat anymore. 

I barely get out of the house before 9 pm. It` s like hell outside :)) 



I` ve been really into girly clothes recently. 
I am usually the type of person that throws on her a large t-shirt with a pair of jeans and some boots / sneakers. But lately, I don` t know why but I felt the need to be more feminine and elegant. I am usually wearing cute clothes and dresses at parties. But this month I
Bought a lot of girly clothes and shoes .. my mom is really shocked. She always told me to dress cute and feminine,but I never did. Till now. 


I’ve been wearing less and less makeup this summer. It’ s so freaking hard to wear foundation and concealer and powder in summer, it literally feels like your makeup is melting . 
I’ve been using this amazing cream underneath my foundation, the Gerovital Happiness Mattifying Moisturizing Cream with bluebarry extract. And I have to say this : This cream does the job !!!  It keeps my face matt all day and it give you a glow at the same time. 


wearing : Romwe top
and shorts :



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