Travel with me

               Sleepless night, one more added to my routine I may call it now. It`s 3 am and usually this is the hour when my brain is ready to write for you .
We recently went on a little trip with our family and ever since my grandpa pasted away, my grandmother lived with us.  We decided to make her a surprise and we took her with us. She never visited the country, she settled down at a young age so she didn`t had the chances we have now when we are young. So we kept it a secret for a couple of weeks, and told her to prepare herself a few days earlier before the leaving.
She was speechless.
So the day arrived and we got in the car and hit the road.
Of course, because we make this trip in the mountains with our parents 4 or 5 times a year, we already visited the beautiful places on the road a couple of times.
It was nothing new for us, but everything so new and beautiful for her.



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We made more stops than ever. She finally felt alive… She wanted to see everything, and go everywhere. She was amazed by all the beautiful towns we drove by. 
Do you ever get to think about how our grandparents get old and they never had the chance to see the world ? This amazing earth we live on ? I`m always thinking about this…
I promised myself a couple of years back, that I will put  foot on all the 7 continents with my family. I wanna visit every country and every town and I want to do this with my parents. I want them to see everything I see and have them by my side when I get to experience the most amazing things in my life. What`s the point seeing the world on your own.. you can do that later one more time with your lover and your friends. But When you are still young and your parents are still young…that`s probably the most beautiful thing in the whole world…. To be with your family in the most amazing places around the world . Of course they won`t let you do what you want, but who the fuck cares as long as they are right next to you.
You can`t  imagine how fulfilled my father felt that he could take his mother with him on this trip. You could actually see the happiness on his face for the first time since his father died.


As we are driving and had to stop for my grandmother, I took a lot of pictures. And I am going to print every one of them with my grandma and my family all together and make an album just with this memory. 

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We checked in at Hotel Cota 1400 in Sinaia and when we arrived, my grandma stated crying… She was speechless. The view was breathtaking, she just couldn`t say a word.. While crying she hugged us and this were the only words that came out of her mouth ” I cannot believe you brought me, this is the most beautiful place I have ever been on.”
She was so emotional, so happy for the first time in 9 months.
As she was watching around, I think this was a moment she wished could last forever.

Family is everything.

I know I have been on this trip so many times, but every time it feels different. And this time… was the most memorable of all.  

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On our way back, we made a stop in Sighisoara for a  few hours.


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See you soon !

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