Wanna escape

   School is officially over for me too. Today I had my last exam… and now I can finally get rid of the stress that I`ve accumulated over the past month.
It was a really difficult period of time for me .
Do you ever get that feeling that you want to escape, just go somewhere, I don`t know, like at a cabin in the middle of the wood and stay there a couple of weeks, to forget about everything and everyone ?  I kinda lost myself this last couple of months, a lot of things happen and I just don`t really know what I want anymore, or what I want to do. I feel a little bit lost . And I feel the need to get out of the town, somewhere where there`s no internet, no signal, nothing. I need to find myself again. There`s just too much going on in my life right now and I need a break. I really need a break from life :))
I`ll probably go at my grandparents house where they grew up, which is the middle of nowhere -- no signal, no internet, no tv, exactly what I need. But thats gonna happen after i come back from this little trip I`m doing with my family in a few days but I'm gonna tell you later about this. I`m going back in my hometown after, I feel like I havent been home for ages. And I kinda dont wanna go back but I have to ...  I`m falling in love every day with this city, makes me never want to return home.
A good thing happen though, bought my own camera, and I am no longer working with photographers. I`m doing my own pictures, editing them the way I love. No more waiting for the pictures and waiting for photographers to have time for me. So that`s a good thing. I`ll post more from now on.
And I got a project going on, with my sister. But thats another story for another article, it`s something were working on, and you`ll see in a couple of weeks. That`s something I am really excited about.

That`s kinda everything I wanted to tell you guys for now.
Btw. I am really bored right now, do you guys have some suggestions of some really great movies or tv shows? Let me know.










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