Good vibes only

I am so glad that it`s summer and I get to be out all the time.
Ive been doing a lot of changes in my life, one of them is my hair. I`m blond now, which is quite unusual for me,because I never thought Id actually like it... I must say, my parents hate it so much... but well, what can I do. Of course, Ill be back at my natural color when summer its over. But till then I`ll keep experimenting.
I had so much fun the day I had this shooting. I was surrounded by amazing friends, and I got to spend all they relaxing and getting tanned and swimming, it was perfect ( of course.. I got burned by the sun... which was painful, but now I`m tanned, so it was worth it ).
I am wearing the top of the this bikini set  which I love so so much, and I am so sure that Ill be wearing this top on the streets as well, not just at the pool, because its freaking cute.. and I don`t really care what people think :))

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Stay tunned , more articles coming up soon .
Lots of kisses !




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