How to properly dress for a job interview

Ive been wanting to write this article for two months now. I know a lot of students want to get a job and be individual and not depend on their parents anymore .
I recently went to a job interview and I saw that people usually go dressed like they`re going out .
At a job interview you need to make an impression . First impression lasts !!! Never forget that .



  So , choose a color that suits you best .  If you prefer to wear a dress , just make sure its below your knees . You dont wanna go to an interview looking like you`re going to the club.
Choose a pair of heels that are not to high and make sure you can fucking walk in  them !
You want to look presentable . So be careful what you wear .
As far as the make-up goes , try not to over-do it . Like .. you don`t want to go to a job interview like you are going to a wedding . Try and be as natural as possible .


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