City lights

 I am so happy at this very moment. And I am being serious. I got everything I need and the right persons beside me, and I  am more than grateful for everything. I wish nothing more.  Another amazing opportunity presented itself to me, and that is the collaboration I`m working at with my favorite online shop ever: … I`ve heard only amazing things about their site and their clothes are amazing. If you want to be girly but still a badass woman, I swear to you, that`s exactly the place you are going to find those type of clothes, and that`s just an example .This site… got you girl, in every way possible.
I am beyond thankful that SheInside wants me, just a simple girl – following her passion, to work with them. I can`t even express into words how I feel.
Thank you so much !
Everything is going amazing in my life right now and there`s nothing that can stop me from doing what I love.  – And that is blogging .
This is also a collaboration with this amazing photographer Ilea Sergiu, thank you for the amazing pictures and thank you for working with me. You`re the best !!!
In this post, I wore this warm army jacket from Shein and a black top and black jeans and black boots… Everything is black , except from this army jacket. I am not the type of person that wears warm clothes even if it`s the coldest day. I can`t wear them. I feel way to dressed. But this jacket, omg… it`s the EXCEPTION. This jacket keeps me so warm I can`t believe. And I don`t feel like I`m wearing thousands of clothes :)) If you are like me, you know what I mean ..
Hit play at the song /  I am literally driving my sister crazy with this song… It`s on repeat and I expect her to kick me out of the house soon If I listen to it one more time :))
Enjoy it !



Army Jacket :

Photographer : Ilea Sergiu :


New article coming up soon . Kisses !!!


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