Half Skull Halloween Make-up Look

I recived a lot of questions about my halloween make-up looks , about the products that I used to create the look and I decided to blog about it ! 🙂

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     For this look I used Makeup Fx Cream Face & Body Paint in black and white .

24401_P 24400

It took me about 30 minutes to create this look .

I used an old set of brushes , because I don`t wanna ruin the new ones .
You can use any kind of brush , it doesn`t have to be professional , if you know how to paint your face any kind of brush it’s okay .

You will need :
– a really thin pencil brush to create the lines and the teeth
–  blending brush to create the shadows
– face brush to set the white cream
– eyeliner brush to create your nose
-a sponge to apply the white paint

To set the white cream I used All About Matt Pressed Powder by Essence in white :

And to set the black cream paint and create shadows I used a matt black eyeshadow . Any black eyeshadow will do the job , don`t use your expensive make-up to create a look you know you will wash it off a few minutes later.

Down below is the make-up tutorial I watched while doing my make-up .

See you on my next blog post !
Kisses !


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