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                          There`s a story behind every outfit we manage to create . Most of us , when we go shopping , we look at all the items we want , but only buy the ones we really need .
Before we buy something , we ask ourselves : ” Do I really need this ? With what can I pair this item ? Does this color matches something from my closet ?  Can I use this particular item multiple times , with different clothes ? ” and if the answer is no , than there` s no point in buying it with the idea that maybe someday you will wear it . We like to spend our money on clothes that really look good on us , clothes that we can wear with everything we own . 



          I am the kind of person that is hard to please when it comes to clothes . I like simplicity . When I go shopping , I am always looking at the simplest items , the ones that I can pair with anything I have in my closet . And most important , I am not buying anything till I go in every single shop  and I am not going home till I find something that I really really like .  I like to spend my money wisely and on items that are really worth it .



       Of course , as every woman , I have so many crushes on clothes. When I see something that I really really love , than I must have it . I am the kind of woman that after I`m going home I regret not buying the items I really love .  


 There are days when I go shopping , and what I buy , depends on my mood . And I hate that on myself , because even if I see cute clothes , I`m like ‘ neeh , I`m not in the mood for this today , maybe some other time ‘ and I walk around , trying to find something and I end up buying nothing . 


What makes it easier for me to decide on the clothes that I want to buy , is that I don`t have to think about the shoes that I own . Because all my shoes are black . It doesn`t matter if they are flat sandals , high heels , stiletto , boots , sneakers , they must be black . I would love to wear shoes that are colorful and girly , but that`s just not my type .  As I told you before , I am hard to please . 



  As I told you in my previous article / Sweater Weather / I love hats . Like , for real , I love them so much that I would wear one every day , for as long as I live . Sometimes , when I`m in a good mood and I`m home , I just put it on , even if I`m just laying in bed  , that`s how much I love them .  I have no idea who invented them , but damn .. That person did a great job . I cannot thank that person enough for creating this beautiful items , that changes our outfits within seconds . Girls and boys as well , this hats are a MUST HAVE !!!




 What inspired me to create this outfit was the coat . It belongs to my mom , my beautiful mom , the woman who gave me birth  . The person I love the most in this entire world . When I first saw this coat , I said to myself that one day I`ll have pictures wearing it , just like her . She`s amazing , and she inspires me every time , and I cannot thank her enough for everything that she is doing for me .
Mom , if you are reading this ,Know that I Love You !!! 



What I am wearing :
– White Zara-Basic shirt
– High-waisted jeans – I bought them from an outlet , they did not had a label on them so I have no idea where they are from or where you can find them .
– My moms coat – also , I have no idea where is it from .
–  Stiletto – www.depurtat.ro

       Addicted to my phone !!! There`s proof …


                             I would like to thank to the owners of Brilliant Parc , for approving me to shoot there .  It`s the most beautiful place in the entire town , and I am so so so grateful for their generosity . Thank you so much !
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Briliant-Parc/197973090357180?fref=ts /
Also , special thanks to my photographer Rusu Alex . He did an amazing job with my pictures .
you can find him on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Rusualexgeo?fref=ts
also , follow him on Instagram : https://instagram.com/rusu.alex


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I hope y`all enjoyed it !
Lots of kisses !!! ❤

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