Sweater Weather


hit play and enjoy it 

                 It`s finally autumn . My favorite season of the year . It`s not too hot , nor too cold , it`s just the perfect weather .  Finally we can wear our lovely sweaters that keep us warm throughout the day  paired with skinny jeans and of course , boots , because fall is never complete without your favorite boots . 

            Autumn is also known for hats . Everyone loves wearing hats . I, personally am obsessed with them . I just feel that a hat can totally complete your look , it changes your outfit . 
              This autumn I decided to dye my hair ombre . I have never had my hair done in two colors before . I just woke up one day , and I felt like I needed a change .  Not the „cut my hair again” kinda change , I`ll never make that mistake ever again . What was I thinking when I cut my hair in the first place ?  I still ask myself this question :))  .
So , one day , I did it . I dyed my hair ombre . I was so scared I wasn`t going to like it  , and here I am , loving my hair more than I did before making this decision .
( p.s . my mom really doesn`t like it … but what can I do , sorry mom , but it`s my damn hair .) 
                 We , women love this time of the year  also for the reason that we can play a little bit more with make-up . We can wear smokey eyes and dark lipstick on daytime just as much as we wear it at night time . It`s the season that allows us to experience and get out of our comfort zone .  I like to say that it`s an exception so , my dear , when you get the chance , break the rules in make-up and rock that smokey eye and that dark lipstick that you love , as much as you want .
           „Fall has always been my favorite season . The time when everything bursts with its last beauty , as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale . ” – Lauren D.S  
      She described this beautiful season in a few words . I totally agree. 
          I like to believe that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature . 
          I hope y`all enjoyed it , see you on my next post !
Fotograf : Sandor Nagy

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